On Sunday the 17th of June 2007 Mark Atkins gave a workshop and a concert in Ter Apel, the Netherlands. During that day we discovered that there were more didgeridoo players in the North of the Netherlands (NNL) then we thought (photos of the day in Ter Apel can be found here). This way the idea arose to create a list of all didgeridoo players of the North of the Netherlands (and some others), to create a virtual circle of players that can be easily accessed when some didge-event happens in NNL.

This site acts as a "daughter page" of DidgeWeb. That site contains a list of all Dutch and Belgian didgeridoo players and other info, like the NL+BE agenda.

Contact person of this list is Jacob Mulder of didgeridoo-groep Yirr-ma. If you have any comments or additions to this list or you want to send a message to the list, then please contact him.